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Non rated fire door with a window.

Fire separation wall missing.

One of the things we look for during the garage inspection with an attached garage is the fire separation wall missing between the house and garage.  In general the wall should be drywalled (5/8 inch thick) and complete with no holes or openings…
Foundation step cracking and movement

In todays market, does it make sense to do an inspection after I close?

With the housing market as competitive as it is and many people not including the an inspection contingency as part of their offer to purchase, does it still make sense to have an inspection after closing?  In a word, yes! While it is absolutely…
Wisconsin defect changes

Wisconsin Defect Changes

Changes are coming to the home inspection process and more importantly, how the report is done. Wisconsin defect changes are coming from WI Senate Bill 74 has redefined the term defect and requires all defects to be listed in the summary section…
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