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radon system

Radon Mitigation-What Do I do If My Test Comes Back High?

So, you had a radon test and it came back high, now what do you do?  Radon mitigation is a relatively simple system that keeps the radon from entering the house in the first place.  Radon comes up from the ground as uranium decays and typically…
Dimensional Shingle Seems lined up,

Incorrect Dimensional Shingle Installation

Dimensional shingle seems should be offset and staggard to prevent the shingles from leaking.  If they are lined up, the shingles can potentially leak per the shingle manufacturers.  Seems should have a 4 inch offset to prevent this and be…
Reverse polarity outlet

Open Ground/Reverse polarity outlets, What’s the deal?

During home inspections, we are testing every accessible outlet to verify that they are wired correctly.  Often times they are not, especially on older homes that were built with the older style, 2 prong ungrounded outlets.  Homeowners…
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