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Drone missing shingle

Whenever possible, physically being on the roof is always the best way to evaluate it and we do that on most of our inspections.  There are times however when that is not possible and the drone can see things we can’t either from the ground or from the ladder at the eaves.  We offer drone evaluation included in our normal inspection pricing!

We are licensed through the FAA as a remote pilot, # 4285930.

Obviously with a roof that you can’t see the top of, missing or damaged shingles is always a concern.

Missing Duplex Shingles

Missing barn shingles








Curled Ridge Cap Shingles

Chimneys can be very expensive to repair and difficult to see.  This cap is cracked and the flue is damaged.  The chimney was too tall to see this from the ground.

Chimney cap and flue damage.


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