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Incorrect Dimensional Shingle Installation

Dimensional shingle seems should be offset and staggard to prevent the shingles from leaking.  If they are lined up, the shingles can potentially leak per the shingle manufacturers.  Seems should have a 4 inch offset to prevent this and be lined up in a pyramid effect.  This is an example of an incorrect installation where […]

Open Ground/Reverse polarity outlets, What’s the deal?

During home inspections, we are testing every accessible outlet to verify that they are wired correctly.  Often times they are not, especially on older homes that were built with the older style, 2 prong ungrounded outlets.  Homeowners would upgrade the outlets themselves and sometimes not do it correctly.  The two issues we see the most […]

Attic Mold and Fungal Growth

Growth in the attic is a serious problem and more common than most people think.  Discolorations that are black, grey, white and often look fuzzy are examples of growth.  Growth can be found in any area but is often found in attics where people are not checking very often.  Growth is often caused by insufficient […]

Cornerstone Home Inspection is now a member of WAFRP.

Cornerstone Home Inspection is proud to now be a member of WAFRP.  The Wisconsin Association of Foundation Repair Professionals – WAFRP – was founded in 2002 to address inconsistencies in foundation repair methods in Wisconsin. In 2003, WAFRP developed the Best Management Standards for Foundation Repair which were then adopted by the Building Inspectors Association of […]


Knob and Tube wiring, safety hazard?

From Wikipedia:  Knob-and-tube wiring (sometimes abbreviated K&T) is an early standardized method of electrical wiring in buildings, in common use in North America from about 1880 to the 1930s.[1][2] It consisted of single-insulated copper conductors run within wall or ceiling cavities, passing through joist and stud drill-holes via protective porcelain insulating tubes, and supported along their length on nailed-down porcelain knob insulators. Where conductors entered a wiring […]

Federal Pacific Stab Lok Electrical Panel

Federal Pacific Stab Lok brand of electrical panels and circuit breakers were manufactured between 1950 and 1980.  The biggest issue with the breakers is they do not securely lock into the panel and are often loose which can lead to arcing and potentially fires.  Stab Lok breakers frequently failed Underwriters Laboratory testing and were discontinued, […]

Navigating Foundation Problems: Understanding Causes, Inspection, and When to Seek Professional Help

Sponsored by Cornerstone Home Inspection in Hubertus WI   Introduction A strong and stable foundation is the bedrock of any well-built structure, be it a house or a commercial building. However, foundations can face various issues over time, potentially compromising the structural integrity of a property. In this article, we will delve into the world of […]

Condominium vs Home Inspection: Understanding the difference

“Condominium vs. Home Inspection: Understanding the Differences” Sponsored By: Cornerstone Home Inspection   I. Introduction A. Brief explanation of the importance of property inspections B. Overview of the focus of the article: Comparing condominium inspections and home inspections   II. Purpose of Property Inspections A. Clarify the objectives of property inspections B. Emphasize the role of […]

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