Attic Growth

Possible Fungal Growth in the AtticGrowth in the attic is a serious problem and more common than most people think.  Discolorations that are black, grey, white and often look fuzzy are examples of growth.  Growth can be found in any area but is often found in attics where people are not checking very often.  Growth is often caused by insufficient insulation, insufficient venting, or more often a combination of both.

With insufficient insulation, heat loss from the house to the attic, will cause condensation to form.  If there is not sufficient venting to get the heat loss out of the attic, active moisture condenses and causes a problem.  Mold or fungal growth needs a food source (generally the wood) and moisture, either from high humidity levels or an active leak.  Roof leaks tend to show themselves in the house itself and most people get those fixed.  High humidity due to insufficient venting is harder to notice.

No mater the cause, it is fixable and can be handled, but may not be a cheap fix.  The growth must first be mitigated and killed.  Venting must be improved and insulation levels improved.  Current levels of venting should be 1.5 square feet of free vent space for every 300 square feet of attic space.  There should be as much or more intake venting as there is exhaust venting for the system to function properly.  Insulation levels should be a minimum of R38 but more often recommended R50.  Amount of insulation will vary on the type of insulation as each has a different R value.

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