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Thermal Imaging hand print

No magic here, just a difference in temperature.  Thermal imaging cameras take a picture in the infrared light band which is not visible to the naked eye.  These cameras can detect the difference in radiation that a warmer object emits vs a colder object.  The hotter an object is the more radiation it puts out.  Thermal imaging cameras can detect this temperature difference (or delta T) very accurately, usually to within .1 degrees.  They then convert those temperature differences to a color code and produce a picture.  It is sensitive enough to see the difference in temperature transferred from a handprint or a glass of water.

We use the FLIR E4 thermal camera.  This technology becomes very useful for safety issues in the main electrical panel with breakers that are close to failing or are loose and arcing as in the first two examples.  It helps to point out air lock in a radiator or prove that a well pressure tank bladder is intact and the tank is not water logged.  It can verify in-floor heating is operating or insulation damage under siding that is causing heat loss and frost forming on the interior walls.  No magic here, just a difference in temperature.  All included with our inspections!

Drone missing shingle

Whenever possible, physically being on the roof is always the best way to evaluate it and we do that on most of our inspections.  There are times however when that is not possible and the drone can see things we can’t either from the ground or from the ladder at the eaves.  We offer drone evaluation included in our normal inspection pricing!

We are licensed through the FAA as a remote pilot, # 4285930.

Obviously with a roof that you can’t see the top of, missing or damaged shingles is always a concern.

Missing Duplex Shingles

Missing barn shingles








Curled Ridge Cap Shingles

Chimneys can be very expensive to repair and difficult to see.  This cap is cracked and the flue is damaged.  The chimney was too tall to see this from the ground.

Chimney cap and flue damage.


Radon testing in progress, Sun Nuclear Model 1028

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking and if you don’t smoke, it is your leading cause of getting lung cancer.  The EPA estimates that radon kills more than 20,000 people every year.  It is naturally occurring and is produced by decaying uranium in the ground.  According to the State of WI, southeastern WI is a hotbed for radon, with estimates of between 10-40% of Southeastern WI homes having levels above the acceptable limit.

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